Our story

Hello, I’m Ciara, founder of Pick Plates and also the website My Fussy Eater. For six years now I’ve been learning all I can about fussy eating; what causes it, the emotion and reasoning behind it and of course what we can do to prevent it.

During this time I’ve come to appreciate the importance of food presentation for children. The food itself is a big factor in picky eating but I truly believe that the manner in which it is presented can be vital in how that food is perceived by a child.

Over the years I’ve learnt how divided or compartment plates can really help to give children choice and control over their food, promote balanced meals and snacks and very importantly make food fun and appealing.

Rounded divided plates worked brilliantly for my children for all the reasons I’ve just mentioned and also because they are easy to hold and carry. But there were none readily available to buy all year round, instead only appearing in the shops a couple of times a year. Undeterred I decided to create my own round divided plates and Pick Plates was born!

Our Testers


Aoife is 8 years old. My first born and the original fussy eater! Her favourite Pick Plate fillings are ham sandwiches, sausage rolls, carrots and strawberries!


Finn is 6 years old and can be quite selective in his eating. But he absolutely loves a Pick Plate breakfast packed with pancakes, yogurt and fruit like blueberries and banana!

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