Christmas Lunch For Kids

Christmas is fast approaching but it’s certainly looking a little different this year for everyone. With the kids not being able to enjoy their usual pre-xmas activities and play dates with friends, I thought I’d try to create some fun experiences for them at home instead. Last weekend I made this Christmas inspired lunch that

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How I Get My Kids To Eat Stew

Stews and casseroles are foods that I get asked a lot about; mainly how do I get my kids to eat them! This is a very common food that a lot of picky eaters will have an issue with. There’s lots of sauce, it can be quite strongly flavoured to sensitive palates and everything is

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How Pick Plates Work

How Pick Plates Work… this was the kids’ dinner tonight and a perfect example of how Pick Plates work in practice. Yes they’re fun and colourful and children will naturally be drawn towards them. But they’re also super practical too in that they allow space for foods that kids may not particularly enjoy (the learning

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Serving Soup To Picky Eaters

My little boy isn’t a massive fan of soup. I know it’s not the taste he has an issue with as he will eat it if it’s mixed with pasta. It’s more likely that he finds it too difficult/messy to eat so just doesn’t bother! So this is how I’ve been serving it up to

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Halloween Inspired Snack Plate

Halloween might be looking a little different for everyone this year. No trick or treating and no parties but we can still create some Halloween fun at home. Why not make a spooky lunch or snack platter for the kids.  It’s honestly a lot easier than it looks! Here’s what I used: Ham Sandwiches Berry

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Where It All Started

Where did the idea come from? How did you start it? Those are the two questions that I’ve been asked the most since I started Pick Plates! People seem to be interested in the back story so I thought I would write about it here. Through my work on My Fussy Eater and my general

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