Pick Plate – Midi

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The Pick Plate Midi

Make feeding kids more fun and interesting with this 5 compartment divided plate

Feeds 1 child as a main meal or 2 – 3 children as a snack plate




Dimensions: 23cm diameter and 2.5cm deep compartments

100% Melamine | BPA Free

Dishwasher Safe | Not for use in Microwave

Compare the Biggie and Midi Pick Plates

16 reviews for Pick Plate – Midi
  • Sarah

    I bought the Midi Pick Plate in the summer and it’s been brilliant for my daughter. She’s eating better and even eating some foods like carrots, some fruits and small pieces of chicken which she never ate below. Highly recommend this plate for fussy eaters.

  • Gillian Stewart

    My son is autistic and has ADHD, which made eating tricky. Was recommended the pick plate by a friend and it’s been amazing! He feels less over whelmed as his foods are separated in to smaller portions and also loves it for snack time. I’m also going to invest in the big plate as the quality is great

  • Gillian

    I have bought both a midi and a biggie plate and they are absolutely fantastic! They make feeding my daughter a balanced, healthy meal so easy as I can easily see the balance of carbs, proteins and veggies or fruits. She loves eating from this plate as she can be funny about certain foods ‘touching’ each other. Well done Pick Plates, I shall definitely be buying some more for when she has friends over for tea.

  • Priya (what_ki_eats)

    I bought the midi plate and we use it everyday to serve up fruit and snacks to Kian! I’ve noticed he’s starts picking at what he wants and it’s really helped me make snack times more fun 🙂

  • Niamh

    My fussy eater loves his pick plate and is way more inclined to try new foods from it than any other plate.
    Thanks Ciara for making mealtimes less stressful!

  • Helen

    My 3yo daughter loves this plate. I put on some “safe” foods that she likes already and mix it with new or healthier foods. She’s been eating a lot more fruit. It also helps me give her more variety instead of one single meal. She loves having a babybel in the middle section. I’ve even ordered a 2nd one so that it can live at my parents house when she’s in childcare

  • Sam

    Fantastic idea. My daughter is the world’s pickiest eater. We’re working on this and the plate is really helping as she doesn’t like foods to be touching.

  • Verena

    We got a Midi and a Biggie in late spring and my boys love to share their snack plate.. so much more fun for them to pick and choose and they even try stuff they usually wouldn’t. We are big fans of Pick Plate!

  • Jo-Anne

    Bought 2 midi plates earlier in the year for my granddaughters and found them great for making any meal fun and interesting. Well worth getting!!

  • Edel

    Super plate, has reduced meal time stress considerably with our fussy 4 year old. She has started to eat food which she’d never touch before like red peppers, cauliflower and lettuce. I don’t know how it works but it’s a game changer. I just wish I ordered one sooner.

  • Sarah Holt

    We’ve been using ours for a while now and I can honestly say it’s helped me be a little bit more adventurous and thoughtful about putting different items out for lunch or dinner knowing that it won’t ‘touch’ other items. Kids love it too and it makes food look more inviting. Look great and wash great too

  • Meryl

    Bright and Happy plate that we love to get out and use when my daughters want snacks or a deconstructed sandwich or Mexican food. Really great product

  • Bianca

    We have both the Biggie and the Midi plates and we use them a LOT!
    We use the Midi most days of the week for either after school snacks or for main meals where my daughter prefers different types of foods to be served separately.
    I’ve found that by serving food this way she eats a lot more and is more likely to try something new that can e served alongside some of her favourite foods.
    We use our Biggie Plate mostly at weekends for sharing style lunches for the whole family as well as for play dates!
    We absolutely love our Pick Plates!

  • Samantha Fletcher

    This plate has made mealtimes a game changer! From my son hardly touching his food to seeing him nearly or sometimes emptying his pick plate is amazing! Such a simple design which has catered my son’s needs. It’s also a great way of introducing new foods in a small way which makes it less intimidating and he is more inclined to try it alongside his favourite foods. I can’t wait to buy more for my twin babies when they are ready ☺️

  • Nicola

    Bought a midi plate for a snack plate for my 5 and 2 year old they think it’s fab my 5 year old loves it and wants every meal on it from now on! She’s a fuzzy eater and has been trying new things since using it. I’ve ordered another for my little boy so they don’t argue over it!
    Really happy with it. 🙂

  • Alicia

    Very pleased to receive the package today with the gorgeous Midi plate inside, it looks and feels durable, colourful and fun! My daughter will love this for her birthday, she likes to keep her ketchup & sauces separate from other food on her plate, this is going to make her very happy indeed! I also love the fact that it comes in completely plastic-free packaging… Double win!

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