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Where It All Started

Where did the idea come from? How did you start it? Those are the two questions that I’ve been asked the most since I started Pick Plates! People seem to be interested in the back story so I thought I would write about it here.

Through my work on My Fussy Eater and my general experience of parenting two of my own picky eaters, I’ve experimented with lots of different kitchen gadgets and gimmicks over the years. But there was one particular plate which I kept coming back to time and time again… this round divided plate.

I bought this from a high street discount shop in December 2013. I can remember the time so well as I was heavily pregnant with Finn and the plate was sold to be a snack sharing plate for Christmas. If you look closely you can just about make out the holly design!

I used the plate over Christmas as we had lots of family staying and then I put it away with the xmas decoration. A couple of years later I rediscovered it and decided to use it as an everyday snack plate for the kids. It worked wonders and I realised these types of divided or compartment plates could really play a part in helping children to eat a better and more varied diet.

I then picked up another plate in the same style but much bigger and used this for playdates and parties and shared images and videos of my kids eating from both these plates on my social media. People would constantly ask where they could buy them. I searched the internet but there didn’t seem to be one shop or one brand selling them all year long. These round compartment plates seemed to just pop up during the summer for picnics and BBQ’s or at Christmas for parties and entertaining.

Bolstered by the fact that I knew there was a market for these plates from parents I set about researching how I could manufacture and sell my own. And so in October 2018 Pick Plates (or the concept at least!) was born!

In May 2019 I took the lease on an office space just a few miles from my house. I had been working on the plates for about 6 months at this stage and was close to putting in a big order with a manufacturer. I knew I needed a space for storing and packing the plates and was so lucky to find this little office just 10 minute drive from my home.

Unfortunately things went a bit wrong with that manufacturer when we started sampling. The quality just wasn’t up to scratch and we had to look for someone else. It worked out for the best in the end as we’ve ended up with a much superior product which I know you are going to love!

Fast forward to April 2020, our completed plates have arrived. It’s surreal having them here in my hand and using them on my own children after 18 months of this being not much more than a concept in my head.

I’m really excited to launch Pick Plates into the world and so very grateful for all the support and well wished I have received so far. I have so many plans for this little brand and can’t wait to help you make feeding your children that little bit easier.

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