Halloween Hot Dog Fingers

Halloween Hot Dog Fingers

Spooky Hot Dog Fingers 👻 

Turn hot dogs into scary fingers this Halloween for a fun meal or snack for the kids!

1. The first step is to cut hot dogs into three.

2. Next, cut the top on the diagonal to give some space to put the pepper fingerails.

3. Make a few slits into the hot dogs with a knife.

4. Fry in a little oil for 4-5 minutes to brown and warm through.

5. Cut fingernail shapes from a red pepper.

6. Allow the hot dogs to cool a little before adding to Pick Sticks.

7. Add the pepper fingernails to the end of each hot dog.

8. Brush on a little ketchup.

Serve this Halloween Hot Dogs up on a Pick Plate with some other spooky snacks.


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