Are Pick Plates dishwasher safe?

Yes they are! To maintain the colour and brightness of the plates it is best to wash them in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Can Pick Plates be used in the microwave?

No, the plates should not be used to heat food in the microwave.

What are Pick Plates made from?

The plates are made from melamine which is a strong BPA free plastic

Are Pick Plates shatterproof?

The plates are very durable but they are not completely shatterproof. They make break or crack if thrown with force or dropped from a height.

What age range are Pick Plates for?

There are lots of divided plates on the market for weaning babies and the early toddler stage. I wanted to create a range designed for older children that was less babyish and fitted enough food for growing children. Pick Plates are ideal from age 3 upwards. My 12 year old still eats from hers!

What size Pick Plate should I buy?

It really depends on how many children you have and what you want to use your Pick Plate for. The Midi Pick Plate will feed 1 child for a main meal or up to 3 children for snacks. The Biggie Pick Plate will feed 2 -3 children for a main meal or up to 6 for snacks. 

The exact dimensions of both Pick Plates are listed on the product pages.

Is there a chance my child will become more fussy by using a divided plate?

If you’ve been struggling with your child’s eating and not seen any improvement then it’s time to change things up and try something new. Divided plates are brilliant for kids as they segment the plate into different sections. This first of all encourages us as parents to fill the plate with lots of different foods. It gives the child a selection of foods to eat, rather than presenting them with just one option.

I always recommend the 80/20 rule when it comes to filling your Pick Plate. 80% of the plate should be foods your child knows and likes and the other 20% should be new foods or foods that you are trying to get them to eat. This makes the plate less overwhelming to the child as they know there are lots of things on there that they like.

Of course we want our children to eat from lots of different style plates so I would recommend using the Pick Plate once a day if you are worried that they may become reliant on the separation of their food.

Do you share ideas for what foods I can put in our Pick Plates?

Yes I do! I have lots of ideas and recipes here and also share more on my Instagram and Facebook pages.