Our Story

Hello, I’m Ciara, founder of Pick Plates and also the website My Fussy Eater. Since 2014 I’ve been learning all I can about fussy eating; what causes it, the emotion and reasoning behind it and of course what we can do to prevent it.

During this time I’ve come to appreciate the importance of food presentation for children. The food itself is a big factor in picky eating but I truly believe that the manner in which it is presented can be vital in how that food is perceived by a child.

Over the years I’ve learnt how divided or compartment plates can really help to give children choice and control over their food, promote balanced meals and snacks and very importantly make food fun and appealing.

There were lots of divided plates on the market for babies and toddlers but none suitable for older children. They were all too small or very babyish in their design. My children had outgrown these and I knew I couldn't be the only parent frustrated by this. So I decided to design and manufacture my own. 

Pick Plates launched in 2020 with two sizes of plates and we've since sold thousands all around the world and have had some incredible feedback from parents and carers.

It's been a steep learning curve but we're on a mission to make mealtimes easier for the whole family with other feeding accessories to complement our plates.

In 2022 we launched Pick Sticks and we have some exciting new products in the pipeline for 2023. Stay tuned!