How I Get My Kids To Eat Stew

How I Get My Kids To Eat Stew

Stews and casseroles are foods that I get asked a lot about; mainly how do I get my kids to eat them! This is a very common food that a lot of picky eaters will have an issue with. There’s lots of sauce, it can be quite strongly flavoured to sensitive palates and everything is mixed up together in one bowl.

So rather than serving one big portion up in a bowl, here what I do using the Midi Pick Plate.

I split the meat and potatoes up. The meat is probably the last thing my kids will eat so I separate the potatoes, hoping that they will eat those and start to get the flavour of the stew.

I add some buttered bread for the same reason and encourage them to dip the bread into the meat and sauce. Again this helps them to taste a little of the stew without having to take big chunks of it.

My kids love grated cheese on everything so I add that to the middle of the Pick Plate and encourage them to sprinkle some on the meat.

Lastly I add some cucumber as it’s a vegetable that I know they love. It’s good to have a few “safe” food on the plate that they recognise.

It’s a simple idea but it really works for my children. Let me know if you try it!

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