How To Get Kids To Eat Pasta With Sauce

How To Get Kids To Eat Pasta With Sauce

It’s quite common for some children not to eat foods with sauce, even the usual kid-friendly pasta dishes like a simple tomato spaghetti.

It’s often an issue of texture. Wet or saucey food can feel strange in a child’s mouth. It can sometimes even feel sticky or slimey and often contains lots of “bits” which will be unfamiliar to children.

One tip I have for overcoming this is to serve the sauce separately. This may seem overly simplistic and it by no means will solve the issues a child may have with texture, but it does serve several purposes.

It gives a picky eating child control over their food. They are able to control if and how much of the sauce they eat and gives them a feeling of input into the meal, rather than it just being forced upon them.

It’s a great way of encouraging your child to try just a small bit of the sauce, without fear of it spoiling the whole meal. This can remove a lot of the stress and tension surrounding mealtimes and you can gradually work up the amount of sauce that they eat.

Let me know if you try it!

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